English 10 Workshop Project instructions below:Copy/Paste the questions below into a new document and review them.Reread Sample WP#1, with these que

English 10 Workshop Project instructions below:

Copy/Paste the questions below into a new document and review them.

Reread Sample WP#1, with these que

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English 10 Workshop Project instructions below:

Copy/Paste the questions below into a new document and review them.

Reread Sample WP#1, with these questions in mind, and take notes in your composition notebook.

Respond to these following questions, as specifically as possible.  For example, quote from Sample WP#1 whenever possible.


What elements of the piece caught your attention? What was interesting or different or extraordinary about this WP?

How did the author situate herself in relation to the Discourse Community?  

Were the goals and participatory mechanisms of the DC clearly identified?  How?

Were the “genres” and “lexis” adequately explored?  How?

Where did you want to hear more? Where do the ideas need more information, details, or specifics? Last Name

Student Name

Mrs. Mayer

English 10

11 September 2018

SAMPLE WP#1: Exploration of a Discourse Community: Rotary

Rotary is an international organization that provides assistance for people in all areas of life. Rotary is over one million members strong and involves people all over the world in order to create lasting change in multiple communities. A discourse community must have goals, communicate with its members and future members, promote its cause, develop specific lexis, and expect its members to achieve a common goal. In this paper, I will discuss the characteristics that Rotary possesses that makes it a discourse community as well as my personal ties to this discourse community.

Rotary members have many goals to work towards however in order to achieve the solving of those same goals, Rotarians believe that we have a responsibility in solving our world’s most common and earth shattering issues. Rotarians believe that we must play a role in promoting peace where peace is longed for, confronting disease where there is no hope for a cure, providing clear water, to save mothers and children from exploitation, to support education, and to grow local economies worldwide.

Rotary is very connected to its members and potential members. One of Rotary’s goals is to get more people on board with their mission to promote change. The way that Rotary encourages their established members is through sending out a monthly magazine entitled “The Rotarian.” In this magazine, members are able to see where their financial and timely contributions are being received and how they are affecting and impacting the greater good of our world. A way that Rotary connects with future members as well as current established members is through their website. On the Rotary International website, Rotary highlights their history, structure, foundation, leaders, and much more.

Rotary utilizes specific beliefs in order to promote different aspects of their organization in order to reach more people. Rotary uses their website and mission statement in order to recruit more members and in order to bring more people to their core values. Donations and volunteer projects are used within the organization to promote change in a variety of places from nearby communities to the world. Donations may go to digging a clean well for drinking water or to sending a student across the world in order to develop a deeper knowledge of an unknown culture.

As well as communicating with potential members through their website, Rotarians also immerse themselves in community outreach programs in hopes of gaining members in the groups of people that they help improve. In younger students, Rotary supports and organizes a number of opportunities such as speech contests in which students can receive scholarship prizes to further their education and youth exchanges to develop a better understanding of different cultures In some high schools around the United States, Rotary has a connection club called Interact. In this high school based club, high schoolers get to understand what it means to be a Rotarian and how Rotary affects the world nearby and far away.

Any discourse community is well developed and has incorporated specific lexis or a specific type of language that better explains their mission. For Rotary, this lexi is their well thought out four way test. The four way test is a way of testing yourself in order to ensure that your actions are performed in order to make our world a better place. The four way text consists of the following questions:

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair to all concerned?

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

These questions are intended to be open ended and vague so the same test may be used in a variety of situations.

As well as having goals and aspirations for how the world should be and how people should be treated, Rotary also has a diverse population of members. The reason the population is so diverse is because it varies by a few different standards. Rotary’s membership varies in age, from its members in interact club to its members in established clubs, Rotary has members in all walks of life. As well as the age range, Rotary also has a diverse population in regards to their organization being international. Rotary has 35,000 clubs worldwide ranging from first to third world countries and everywhere in between.

Rotary has certain expectations for its members. Since people voluntarily are apart of Rotary, they are not forced to do certain projects but are connected by the fact that they all are working towards a common goal. Rotary expects that its members put others first and promote service above self. Along with these expectations, Rotary also has high hopes that rotarians will actively utilize the four way test in multiple situations in life.

Ever since I can remember, I have a memory of going with my dad to Rotary club meetings and setting up every year for the Livingston Rotary crab feed fundraiser. Growing up I knew the Rotary organization was doing good things but I never realized their impact until I recently was supported by Rotary to go on a youth exchange trip to Germany. Before I even left on my trip, I experienced the generosity of Rotary clubs as I was able to go on this trip without spending a dime of my own money. Going to a different country also allowed me to gain a sense of how big the organization is and the amount of people involved. Through the clubs generosity, they reached out to me, a potential member and made me long to be apart of something that made an impact globally.

A discourse community can be found almost anywhere, however the most advanced, well developed communities are those that set common goals among members and work together to achieve those same goals. Throughout Rotary’s help and assistance in multiple crisis around the world, they have proven time and time again that they are a tight knit community that is willing to do much for their fellow brothers and sisters.

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