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Question 1 (length: 1000 -1200 words)
If you choose question one, you can choose either China or Japan.
“In East Asia, a very important theme of its modern history is democracy.” Please expand on this statement by reflecting on either China or Japan. It should be noted that democracy could be defined in various ways. It sometimes is described as a political system (with features like competition between political parties and public election) . But it can also be described as values (liberty and equality) and human relationships (one group/individual does not dominate another group/person).

A chronological framework is necessary when you organize materials/sources relevant to your answer

You are required to make use of course reading materials (including textbook, lectures, powerpoint presentations/mini-lectures, readers, and visual materials) to develop your answers. Failure to do so will lead to an at least 10 point deduction.
When you quote any source, add a note, and the format is as follows: You can put in brackets the name of the author, the publication date, and page numbers. Example—“Kaname thought of the faces of the ancients in the dusk…” (Tanizaki, 1981: 132)
Make sure that you add a bibliography to your answer.
It may help if you refer to the exam essay rubric for grading criteria. Your answers should be well-organized and coherent, and your arguments must be carefully and solidly made. In addition, attention to details and facts will be appreciated. You will receive a significantly lowered grade, if you describe history inaccurately (e.g. Hara Takashi was a Chinese politician).
If you copy others’ writings (and borrow others’ ideas) without acknowledgment, I consider it plagiarism. Your paper will not be graded. You will not be allowed to rewrite the answer. Your writing must be based on your own efforts. Quotes should only be used sparingly (no more than 5% of your answer).
Quotes should be used sparingly—at least 95% of your answer should be in your own words.

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