Research Paper

Research Paper

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In this case, I selected the topic  “The Current Status and Future of the EU” the following orders must be made based on the sources that I already found in an annotated bibliography that I already made and that I am uploading to the file. The information of the Annotated bibliography must be used to complete the paper.

For this Assignment, The key is going to be picking a topic that is narrow enough to deal with in a 2000-2500 word paper (that’s roughly 8 to 10 pages). The topic ( “The Current Status and Future of the EU”) must be contemporary.Which means it must involve events that have happened after 1989. Once you have your topic, you should use the paper to answer the following questions about it:

1) Give a BRIEF summary of your topic. What are the major relevant details about the subject? This should be NO MORE THAN 750 WORDS. That’s why you need to narrow your topic before you sit down to write your paper.

2) Are there any relevant international agreements about your topic? Has the United Nations or other IGO’s dealt with your topic? What NGOs are active in this area and what are their goals?

3) Who are the (most) relevant countries? What are their interests or goals as regards your topic? Go beyond just restating what you said in Question 1.

4) Analyze your topic from a realist and liberal perspective. How would each approach explain the way countries and individuals have behaved in your topic?

5) What is the future of your topic?

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